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Road Barrier is used for isolation of city street center.It not only cn ensure vehicles'safety,but can separate people,corss street effectively to guarantee theirs safety.The roadrail has the benefits of antiseptic,antirust,antitheft,convenient and fast installation.A powder-coat finish provides superior durability, while also making the picket fencing virtually maintenance-free. Choose from a complete selection of styles, options, and colors available. 1. Isolation measures to ensure car and people safety  2. Steel or galvanized steel are optional.   3. It has the structure of anti-rust, anti-theft and anti-impact.   4. Advanced 4 layer treatments: hot-dip galvanizing, zinc-rich phosphate, organic zinc-rich epoxy, polyester colorful powder coating.   5. If necessary, the professional team will be your site.  6. Elegant looking and no need maintain, also 30 anti-rust guarantees.