Dihang group accelerate the pace of equipment renewal

Since 2014, because of the company''s international trade business and several well-known real estate developers purchases from our factory increase, production capacity become the Dihang group rapid development challenges faced in the process of rapid development .Through continuous production equipment to upgrade, capacity than last year increased more than three times.

 We spend huge amounts of money with the introduction of the most advanced technology in the world''s two new powder painting lines, large stamping machines and convenient customer delivery truck, purchased two forklifts for customers to use free of charge, to provide more efficient and fast service to the customer, increasing the purchase of two trucks, to ensure that the Delta region customers when the world next day delivery to the site of the commitment.

In the production workshop, the new introduction of the automatic spraying line is full horsepower, a row of fine fence products slowly into the next packaging program. In the company''s finished warehouse, a forklift truck is lined up to carry a good tray container. Then these goods will carry the independent brand development dream of our China fence industry to send to the world. 

Dihang director Liao said that our new equipment not only greatly improve the productivity, control on the quality of the products is automated, and now the whole workshop dust-free workshop, powder and smell before spraying and pretreatment process are eliminated, not only reflects the company concern of the health of employees, more of our products environmental commitment, our products can not only guarantee the customer in the process of using formaldehyde free, non-toxic, anti rust, corrosion protection requirements, it is in the production process to achieve real environmental protection, ensure the Dihang as a responsible, conscientious corporate social commitment: commitment to create a safe, harmonious, beautiful living environment is our continuous pursuit!